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HZ-1004E Desktop Digital Tensile and Compression Tester
    This machine widely used in wire and cable, hardware, electronic and electrical equipment, packaging, printing, medical equipment, auto parts, textiles and leather, clothing, shoes, rubber and plastic products, colleges and universities...


HZ-1004E Desktop Digital Tensile and Compression Tester

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Equipment Summary:

HZ-1004E Desktop Digital Tensile and Compression Tester is simple type tensile testing machine,

simple structure, easy to operate,can be placed on the worktable to testing. Using the electronic

control system, governor control speed regulating motor rotation, and then slow down by variable

speed mechanical construction to drive T type lead screw Load sensor up and down,to complete

specimen tensile or compression test. Force output by sensor, feedback to display, test speed

real-time display.

Especially suitable as production line control product quality testing instruments. This testing

machine mainly suitable for test load is less than 2000N non-metal and metal materials testing.

  • Technical Parameter
  • Feature / Function
  • Standard
  • Main parts
  • Software / Controller

Technical Parameters:


HZ-1004E Desktop Digital Tensile and Compression Tester

Max. load 

200KG US Celtron high precision sensor





Measuring system

Load cell+HZ-2000

Load measurement accuracy

Load cell+HZ-2000, displayer±0.5%(5%-100% of FS)



Max.test space

About 600mm (Excluding fixture, support custom)

Effective width of test


Test speed 

50-300mm/min, Stepless speed regulation and 

5 constant speed(support custom)

Sampling rate


Set breakpoints ratio range

0.~99%, can be set according different specimen, 

to Implement different location of the stop condition.

Safety device

Overload and emergency stop device,up and down stroke limit device

Dynamical system

AC motor + HOLIP frequency converter

Work rate

200W (According to load)





Power Supply


Main Functions:

This machine is applied to test all material in tension, compression, bending, shear, peel

(90 degrees and 180 degrees),tear or two extended (need to add extensometer) and others,

the material such as textile, rubber, plastics, synthetic leather, tape, adhesive, plastic film,

composite materials, electronics, metals and other materials, it can judge the product quality

from the test.

Main Features:

1. The appearance of good design. For many years, our company have been very much pay

attention to the appearance of the products,developed many products can be comparable to

those of foreign models,surface is aluminum and electrostatic spray figure.

2. Digit LED, can identify tension or stress, LCD interface clear, easy to read.

3. Units:N-Kgf-Lbf Optional and can be automatically swap.

4. LCD Liquid crystal display with backlighting,Can be used in the environment of the insufficient light.

5. Single determination, can read tensile and press peak value, and can be manually reset.

6. With the function of limit and overload in downtime.

7. Contain thermal printers, can automatically output test results.

8. Can store 10 test reference point, automatically calculate the average, Automatic fetching Max.

force,fracture strength value.

Corresponding Standard:

" GB/T16491-1996  electronic universal testing machine "

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